Our Trainers

Joshua Pauley

Joshua received his personal training certification in 2006. Joshua has continued his education by attending numerous seminars and studying health and fitness as a lifestyle and discipline. Joshua’s course-work combined with self study work enables him to work with individuals of all ages and levels. His experience, ability to motivate, drive for results and natural passion for health and fitness has enabled him to successfully train a wide variety of clients. He has worked with weight loss clients, bodybuilders, tri-athletes, college, and semi-professional athletes. His strong belief in goal setting and progression helps his clients reach their fitness goals as well as optimize their performance. Joshua also has a Bachelor Degree in Applied Science from Central Michigan University and has successfully run his own business for years. His dedication and hard work are the foundation in all aspects of his life and has been proven valuable to his own fitness as well as to the fitness of his clients.

Training Philosophy - Joshua’s philosophy on training is based around dedication and goal setting. The two areas combined will help any client reach their fitness goals. This philosophy is universal to all fitness levels and has helped Joshua design programs unique to the individual.

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Steve Cook

Experience – 18 years working in health clubs and fitness centers in England as a personal trainer, providing fitness training and advice, developing programs and providing nutritional guidance for clients. Running circuit training and fitness Boot Camp classes for members and the general public. In 2004 set up Britfit, a personal training business. Also specialise in sport-specific fitness, particularly for Soccer. Education – BA (Hons) Sport Studies, University of Northumbria, England; AFAA Certified Personal Trainer.

Training Philosophy - based around balance. I believe that everything we do should be about balance: a balanced approach to life (work, family, recreation), a balanced approach to fitness (mix it up, try different activities), balance in your workout (develop strength, co-ordination, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility), a balanced body (develop upper/lower body and core, dominant/non-dominant side, to help prevent injury), a balanced approach to nutrition (allow yourself to eat everything in moderation).

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David Blay

David Blay

Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Health Coach (Aug 2013)

David is an advocate of living a balanced healthy lifestyle. He will help you create a personal fitness program and/or class designed for muscular balance and flexibility including all age ranges and levels of physical development.

David will offer you his extensive knowledge of exercise science and nutrition while coaching you to implement and reach your goals. He will share with you his passion for helping others by creating an enjoyable experience on your way to achieving success.

Training Philosophy – David encourages functional exercise by helping the client identify and/or eliminate dysfunctional movements. Training for activities of daily living require moving the joints and muscles of the body in a natural motion. This includes identifying possible areas of weakness or tightness caused by habitual positions and/or activities.

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Craig Bayer

Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Massage Therapist

Craig enjoys helping others pursue and achieve their physical best. Equipped with more than 15 years of experience, Craig listens to the needs of clients and tailors fitness regiments that deliver results.

Training Philosophy — Craig believes in the effectiveness of sports conditioning, stretching and using massage to counter injuries.

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